The Answer is always Track Day

Working in the automotive performance industry may seem like an easy gig.  Lots of like minded people coming to us with their wants and needs.  More power, more speed, more noise, more, more, more.  Simple right?  Just give them what they want.  Only, its not that simple.  Only a small percentage of people that come to us, know exactly what they want.  Most have a vague idea when they walk through the door, but are faced with a multitude of decisions once they start to see the range of options that we have available.  That's when we get to see the full spectrum of our customer base.  Most would love to hand the car over with the instructions "Make it Awesome!!" or salivate over an options list that they have always wanted on their car (also some they didn't know about).  But the reality is that there are plenty of outside factors that keep a cap on us getting what we want, all the time.  Most are valid, some are questionable, but all make sense. Except one.

Where am I going to use it?  Speed limit is only 110km/h.

The simple answer is a Race Track.  You take it to a race track to unleash not only what the car has to offer, but more often than not, what you have to offer.  You don't need to have a race car to use a Race Track.  You don't even need to be racing.  With technology making it more and more difficult to keep points on your licence, every car enthusiast is struggling to get that hit of excitement that they love from their cars.  This is why Track Days are gaining so much popularity.  They offer a place that you get to enjoy what you love in a controlled environment.

What is a Track day?

Track days come in many different guises.  From full club days to Circuit and Coffee type themes.  There is something for everyone of every skill level.  The point of track days is to make the track environment accessible to everyone.  The track environment is important for a number of reasons.  Safety being the top of that list.  It creates a more predictable environment, no intersections, no traffic lights, one way traffic and only one option on where to go.  Everyone there is briefed on what to do (according to the type of track day you are participating in) so that unpredictable or confusing situations are minimised.  The Track is a place that is purpose built for the activity of going fast.  That is why it's the perfect environment for you to get your car out there and see what it can do.  Most Track days are quite relaxed events that allow you to mingle with other participants, grab a coffee, maybe something to eat and talk about everything from car set up to better lines around the circuit.  Some track days (like ours) will have professional instructors there to help you with any questions and guide you through everything from the beginners jitters, to an old lap hound trying to find a few more tenths around their favourite track. 

So never again can you use the excuse that there is no point to having more power, better brakes or performance suspension.  We just made it possible to use your performance car they way it was intended.

We will be holding our TEKNO@TWILIGHT events all summer at Sydney Motorsport Park for you to get out there and see what all the fuss is about.  They are a relaxed atmosphere that allows you either get a taste for the track day events or give you the opportunity to hone your skills with tips from our instructors. 

Jump on our Events page to get signed up for our next event and go experience for your self what its like to have some real fun in your car.