BMW M Pack Exterior

TEKNO Type 1 Carbon Front Lip

$1995 fitted

Our very own aggressive front lip splitter is ideal to accentuate an aggressive stance from a KW Suspension package and HRE Flowform Wheels.


Akrapovic Rear Diffuser

$2079 fitted

What better way to frame your new Akrapovic quad tip exhaust than with the Carbon rear diffuser that it was designed for.  A tasteful piece that is neither bold nor too understated that offers maximum clearance for the lowest of Suspension packages.


TEKNO Carbon Side Skirts

$1895 Fitted

What else would you want to add to your M3/M4 other than Carbon?  Our TEKNO Carbon side skirts are just another detail that shows just how special your BMW is.


Vorsteiner Carbon Front Lip

$3919 Fitted

*Price subject to vary due to fluctuations in AUD-USD

A beautifully scalped front lip that works perfectly with the BMW aesthetic.