Cam Package to suit VF Commodore LS2 6.0L V8


priced From $5,700 fitted

Incl. dod delete

The TEKNO Cam Package to suit VF LS2 6.0L V8 includes:

Camshaft, Trend Moly Push Rods, Dual Valve Springs, Retainers, Collets, GM Timing gear, ARP cam bolts, Balancer bolt, genuine Holden Coolant and gaskets.

This includes the TEKNO Custom Dyno Tune.

For VF LS2 6.0L engine models, a DOD Delete (Displacement on Demand) will have to be included.  This removes the AFM hardware, not just turns it off and includes:

TEKNO Displacement on Demand (DOD) delete - GM LS7 Lifters, GM Buckets, Bucket Bolts, GM Valley Plate, Head Gaskets and Head Bolts

+ Add a High Flow Oil Pump including oil and filter change $895 (Optional)

Don't hesitate to contact the TEKNO Performance team to discuss possible Cam Shaft Profiles to suit your needs.