1 3/4" Extractors 4 into 1 with high flow Cats and 2.5" Outlet

price from $1865 fitted

Get the most from your Commodore's power plant by fitting these 4-1 style Headers with Hi flow Cats.

They are designed and manufactured locally to give your engine the ability to breath and are the perfect addition when you are upgrading your power plant.  On most factory vehicles, the standard exhaust manifolds are very restrictive and a good increase in power and torque can be achieved simply by removing these restrictions. 

The are manufactured from 401 grade stainless alloy to ensure longevity, the design integrates a high performance catalytic converter which is kept as close to the engine as possible to improve performance and maintain emissions compliance, the O2 sensor position is maintained close to the standard position to eliminate the need for patch harnesses and the outlet is also in the standard position to allow maximum fitment options.

Primary Diameter:        1 ¾" - 44.45 mm

Outlet Diameter:           2 ½" - 63.5 mm

Integrated Catalyst:     Yes

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