TEKNO Performance offer flexible finance options* to approved customers for performance packages and custom modifications with our finance partner - Morris Finance. Most applications take as little as 24-48hrs for approval, via a streamlined and easy process! 

Allow TEKNO’s sales team to tailor payment options to suit you.

*Conditions apply, consult TEKNO for further details. Finance currently available Via TEKNO Performance HQ, Yatala QLD.


Finance Enquiries!

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Finance FAQ’s

Q. Who am I borrowing the money from?

A. Morris Finance Ltd, have been actively involved in the commercial lending sector across Australia for over 20 years. They have established relationships with lenders and possess their own credit licence. (Licence no: 395249)


Q. How does Morris Finance differ from a bank?

A. Morris Finance can offer clients faster and more carefully tailored flexible solutions than most banks.


Q. How long does it take to get approved?

A. Approval times can vary as each application is different; we strive to have an answer within 12 – 24 hours in most instances.


Q. How much can I borrow?

A. The minimum amount Financed starts at $5,000.00 and there is no maximum. However each application is assessed on its own merits and the capacity of the borrower.


Q. Can I payout my facility early?

A. Yes, you can contact one of Morris Finance Ltd.’s customer service specialists and they will be happy to assist.


Q. Can I make additional payments on my Account?

A. Yes, Additional payments can be made at any time.


Q. What is your interest rate?

A. Interest rates vary depending on the type of financial product, the term, amount of the loan and the credit risk.


Q. Why should I do business with Morris Finance?

A. For flexibility and understanding. As your needs fluctuate during the term of your loan, you can create convenient structures from an array of customized lending products.


Q. What will the loan with Morris Finance allow me to do in future?

A. In many instances this initial facility will allow you to establish a good credit rating that will be vital in terms of future borrowings for lifestyle choices (i.e.: cars, boats, properties, businesses, equipment etc)


Q. What are the Fees and charges?

A. There are no initial or ongoing account fees.


Q. Can I claim the amount financed or repayments?

A. Yes – Morris Finance Ltd offer the full range of financing options for business, Leasing, Chattel Mortgages, and Hire Purchase. Our experienced staff can advise the benefits of these products to assist you come tax time.


*Weekly payments are based on approximate investments financed over a certain amount of years. These payments are an indication only and variables such as loan type, applicant profile and current interest rates are not taken into account. Exact payments will be provided on application.

Morris Finance Ltd: ABN 70 083 630 139 Australian Credit Licence 395 249