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TEKNO Performance are proud to be partnered with the best brands in wheels.  Whether it's HRE or many others, we understand the importance that selecting the right wheel for not only your car, but the look that you are going for.  We can help with the size and offset of the wheel, as well as wheel spacers and tyre choices that suit your needs.  We believe that wheels are one of the most personal options you have when deciding to upgrade your car, with endless styles and sizes we can help narrow down the look that you a hoping to achieve.

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HRE Wheels

Tekno Performance are proud to be partnered with HRE to offer our customers their full range of wheels to compliment your car.

What sets HRE apart from the others?

 "To create the best you must start with the best". What this really means is at every step, we don't cut corners and are continually trying to improve our materials, processes, facility and team to make sure it stays that way.

We start with extremely talented people to design and engineer every HRE from sketch to testing, programming and prototyping. From there, only the best materials are used such as our forgings made in California by the same supplier to Boeing, Airbus and Ferrari.

Next, our artisans hand prep and brush every wheel by hand spending hours perfecting finishes that only HRE can offer. From there our wheels move to a hand washing process that again shows the care and attention to detail needed to produce our finishes. It then moves to our in-house powder coat process which produces astonishing yet durable colors that complement even the most exclusive vehicles in the world. If it's a 3-Piece wheel, there's still more to do. After powder coating, a 3-Piece wheel needs to be assembled, sealed and checked for runout (making sure the wheel is perfectly round). Even our assembly bolts are designed for HRE by HRE and are produced in the USA by ARP.

Before any wheel is considered an HRE, it goes through an extensive quality check ensuring it lives up to the HRE promise. And one of the most commonly neglected parts of a forged wheel is its packaging. This often leads to blemished and damaged wheels so at HRE, we don't skimp here either. Our packaging is specifically designed to keep your wheels safe regardless of how far they are traveling because we want them to arrive just as perfect as when they left.

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