HSV LSA Pulley Upgrade


If you are looking to get more power from your factory Supercharged LSA engine, then have a look at our Boost upgrade pulley kits.

These kits allow you to get more from your existing supercharger unit by changing the drive ratio between the Crankshaft and the Supercharger. This in effect speeds up the rotation of Supercharger unit and creates more boost There are three different combinations available depending on your specific requirements and vehicle setup, The kit also comes with a solid drive coupler to eliminate failures from the factory spring loaded coupler.

LSA Pulley Upgrade Kit includes

  • Choice of 5 / 10 / 18% Overdrive Harmonic balancer assembly
  • 65mm Supercharger drive pulley with press-on hub
  • Solid Drive Coupler
  • 8PK Belt
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