TEKNO is a lifestyle – so much more than our competitors. Join us for TEKNO hosted drive days, open days, Supercar events. Become part of #teamTEKNO.


Motorsport philosophy is our backbone.

Performance, quality and individuality are paramount. Mechanical performance and empathy is the basis of TEKNO’s Managing Director - Jonathon Webb’s motorsport career and success. He personally oversees the day to day operations of the TEKNO brand.


R&D: Extensive Research and Development is performed in-house.

We source technology and push the boundaries (using our own assets), thereby allowing TEKNO to deliver the ideal mix of Performance + Safety + Reliability + Style – specifically tailored to meet Australian demands. Your pride and joy will be treated with utmost respect and never as a test pilot.


New, clean and state of the art. 

TEKNO use only the best tools and equipment – and all work is performed in house. Rest assured we will treat your pride and joy as one of our own.


Our team is the best.

Your vehicle will be treated by a hand selected highly skilled team of mechanics, engineers and tuning professionals.


Let us guide you. We’ve built them all.

Track, rally, drag, street and show cars. We pride ourselves in being set up to expertly engineer the perfect combination of performance components to allow you to maximise your vehicles performance.