Why Choose a Power Pack?

TEKNO Performance Power Packs have been created to get the most out of the mighty LS V8 by optimising the important aspects of allowing an engine to breathe. Custom Dyno Tunes are crticial. With the ECU collecting and calculating more data than ever before, any changes to the volume of air your engine inhales (the new OTR) and the amount that it expels (extractors) means that tuning is required. TEKNO individually tune each vehicle on their in house dyno to give your vehicle the individual attention it deserves.

TEKNO offer a range of packages spanning the different LS engines within the Holden and HSV range, broken in to Stages to allow you to select the ideal performance outcome for your needs. 

We can build you anything from "just a bit more noise and power" all the way up to 600kw + Supercars. Let us help, using our wealth of experience in road and race vehicle preparation - we can help you!

TEKNO VFII 400 Build Pack